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Greenbrook Healthcare is a provider of high quality NHS primary care across London and the home counties. Our services span Urgent Care Centres, Walk-in Centres, as well as some services to help avoid unnecessary admissions to hospital. 

Greenbrook has a proven track record of taking over or starting new services and raising standards by offering NHS patients and commissioners services which are more accessible, efficient and of a consistently high quality.

Greenbrook is passionate about selecting and managing our team of clinicians and non-clinicians.  This high quality team is core to delivering first class care for patients, as is our hands-on management style.

Greenbrook works with GP commissioners and primary, secondary and community care partners on new projects in areas of Greenbrook’s existing expertise, as well as in new areas, to help the NHS simultaneously improve care quality for patients and provide value for money for commissioners.

Greenbrook Healthcare is a subsidiary of Totally Plc, a leading ‘out-of-hospital’ healthcare service provider in the UK.

How we use personal data - Privacy Policy

Greenbrook Healthcare takes its responsbilities regarding personal data very seriously. Information about the personal data we use and how we process it is available in our privacy policy, which complies with current General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) and Data Protection Act regulations. Please click here to see a copy.


Greenbrook Healthcare operates through:
  • Greenbrook Healthcare (Hounslow) Limited (6025335)
  • Greenbrook Healthcare (Earl's Court) Limited (7817650).
These companies are registered with Companies House in England and have a registered address at Cardinal Square West, 10 Nottingham Road, Derby, DE1 3QT.

Care Quality Commission
Greenbrook Healthcare is regulated by the Care Quality Commission

Details regarding our CQC registration, including copies of inspection reports can be found on the following pages of the CQC website:  Link 1  ;  Link 2

NHS Improvement / Monitor
Greenbrook Healthcare holds an NHS provider licence from NHS Improvement (formerly Monitor). 

As part of Greenbrook Healthcare’s licence held with NHS Improvement, the organisation has reviewed and certified its compliance against the NHS Improvement licence conditions for 2019/20 (known as G6 requirements). This confirmation can be seen here .

Modern Slavery Statement

As a subsidary of Totally PLC, our Modern Slavery statement can be found here. 

Gender Pay Gap

Organisations across Britain with more than 250 staff are required to publish their gender pay gaps. 

There are two headline numbers - based on two ways of calculating the average pay gap: the mean and the median pay gap. The mean is what is normally referred to as the average - based on dividing total men's and women's pay by the number of men or women. The two means are then compared to calculate the mean pay gap. The median pay gap is calculated by putting the pay levels of all employed women in order, lowest to highest and similarly for men, then comparing the pay level of the middle woman with the pay level of the middle man.

For Greenbrook Healthcare at 5th April 2018, the mean pay gap was 37% whereas the median pay gap was 47% (meaning that the middle man is paid 47% more than the middle woman). These numbers are high because Greenbrook has a small number of men relative to women and the distribution of roles held by men and women is different. For example the middle man is a nurse and the middle woman is a receptionist, and nurses and receptionists are paid at very different rates. 

The pay gap calculations are affected by the fact that Greenbrook's employed staff group is approximately 80% female. Greenbrook employs more women than men at all levels of our organisation, but as a result of the small number of men we have a headline pay gap that is un-representative of our actual equal opportunity employment practices. The pay gap for similar roles in Greenbrook is very small (and in many cases negative) and if we employed the same number of men as we do women it is likely that we would not have a pay gap.

Greenbrook’s high headline pay gap is driven by structural factors rather than a bias against paying women equally. That said, we recognise that Greenbrook Healthcare can always do more to address any pay inequality which remains in spite of our best efforts. We are committed to working even harder to offer flexible working practices to all staff, to recruiting staff without bias/offer equal opportunities to all, to encouraging more women to develop into senior roles in our organisation and we are developing our own pay scales to demonstrably show that we pay the same wage for the same job.

Greenbrook Healthcare strives to pay all staff fairly and pay discrimination is completely at odds with our values. We encourage any of our staff to come foward if they are aware of instances where they feel that is not the case.

More detail of this analysis is summarised in the attached report .
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